Taking care of your bike does not only mean repairing punctures at regular intervals, but just like many other vehicles, the world’s most environmentally friendly transport requires a lot of service and mechanical care (Repair).

With us at Cykelfabriken, you can get help with all this. If there is no bicycle workshop, there is no real bicycle shop. In the first place, our workshop is for those of you who have a bicycle bought from us, however, we accept bicycles and Cargobicycles that are not bought from us for repair. For puncture repaired, just roll in the bike if you can pick up the bike the same day. For other work and repairs during the High Season (15/3 to 15/9) no appointment are needed.

NOTE! As we have a small showroom, it will be difficult for us to work if our customers do not pick up their finished bikes on time. Therefore, we charge SEK 75/day in storage fee if the bike is picked up later than two days after the agreed date.

Prices are based on the bike model, time and material needed to be used or ordered! We always give an approximate cost before you hand in the bike for repair so our customer knows in advance. We only accept SWISH! Welcome!

Puncture incl. Tube350
Change of tier150
Change of Rear or front300
Chang to Winter tiers250/st
Hub serviceFrom 350
Brake adjustment150
Replacing the brake lever125/st
Replacement of brake pads100/set
Replacement of brake cable incl. Cable250/st
Replacement of brake cable + housing180/st
Gear adjustment150
Replacement of gear cables incl. wire150/st
Replacement of gear wire + housing180/st
Changing the gear shifter150/st
Replacement of gear200
Replacement of gear pulleys120
Wheels Direction / Change of gearbox150
Change the Chain150
Replacement the bearings300
Replacement the Crankcase200
Change the Pedals100
Change the Handlebars200
Change the styrlinda200
Change the steering bearing250
Adjustment steering bearing120
Change the Saddle Post75
Change the Fork250
Assembly child seat bought in our storeNothing
Mounting child seat150
Assembly basket bought in our storeNothing
Assembly the basket150
Assembly the light50/st
Mounting lock100
Mounting Rear Carrier150
Mounting Mudguards200
Mounting Kickstand100
Assembly of bicycle not bought from us750
Assembly of accessories when buying a bicycleNOTHING
Service package 1 : Brake and gear adjustment, tire pumping, lubrication350
Service package 1 2 : Package 1 + adjustment the hub, bearing, and safety check (screws and nuts)590
Service package 3 : Package 1 and 2 + wheel direction900