A Swedish Cargobike

In central of Stockholm, we execute the job by - developing, design, construct and assemble our products. All our bike models are designed by us. Simon Bouloussa, founder of Cykelfabriken in 2009, with an engineer background, he’s the man behind all the designs for the bicycle frames and bicycle parts using the latest technology with 2D to 3D drawings. We are happy to use craftsmen and suppliers locally from Sweden to be able to deliver Cargo bicycles that are made with great care. All our models are safety checked, tested by our professional mechanics and delivered to our customers from Stockholm.

With 10 years of experience in designing, building and assembling our own Cargobikes/Bakfiets and also of service to other brands, we have probably gathered all the knowledge required to create Cargobikes with the best solutions for everyday cycling with minimal maintenance.

Product Development For Sustainable Bike Rides

Cykelfabriken has for a long time built and delivered cargo/transport bikes to Kindergarten in several municipalities around the country. Through our research on safety, stability, security and sustainability, we have come to the conclusion that teachers prefer and feel safe with the following:

  1. Strong mid-drive motor in the center of the frame, with Coaster brake ( works evenly, less strain on the wrists)
  2. Automatic transmission (it does not affect wrists, do not freeze in winter)
  3. Hydraulic disc brakes for front wheels (for best braking and parking)
  4. 20 "front wheels (stronger wheels, low load center of gravity, no problems with spokes)
  5. Puncture protected tyre (there is nothing better than Marathon Plus)

The analysis is implemented together with several Kindergarten that already use Cargobikes.

Mid-drive motor & Battery


Shimano mid-engine

Strong, extremely low weight center frame engine, designed for optimal power transmission to provide maximum mileage and maximum driving comfort. Incredibly durable for all weather conditions.


Long range resistance battery

Fast-charging lithium-ion battery that takes you to your destination and home again! A battery with a high capacity and long range. Setting functions- High: 75 km (230% support), Normal: 105 km (150% support), Eco: 150 km (70% support). An energy-efficient battery by Shimano with a charging time of 80% in only 2 hours.


An smart E-bike Display

Smart e-bike display is easy to understand.. Easy-to-read with functions including speed, distance, travel time, clock, gear, estimated interval, battery indicator and more. 4 Different setting functions: High, Normal, Eco, Walk. Power, light on / off.

Gears, Breaks & Safety


Internal gear hubs

With one cog and chain-drive, with fewer parts has an lower maintenance , this is the most reliable installation we offer. With these few parts, maintenance is reduced. When the gear unit is set correctly and ready to use, service is rarely needed.


Automatic gears Di2

No cable, no casing or a shifter that breaks all the time and freezes in the winter. Automatic gear Di2 switches itself. When you stop, the bike automatically shifts down to a lower gear to prepare for your ride.


Shimano Di2 with 8 gears

Coaster brake is reliable and safe with less maintenance and has a resistance function in all weather conditions. Front wheels with disc brakes a perfect combination. With fewer parts, less chance can go wrong.


Extra safety

Classic light has a wheelbase with top of the tires lean inwards camber that makes the bike approx 30% safer. The bike is more stable in curves, when turning, uneven grounds and on gravel roads.


160 mm disc brakes

Special developed disc brakes for heavy loads. The brakes have a parking function that is a must for 3-wheel cargo bikes.

Klassik Light Klassisk Styret

Classic handlebar

Classic handlebars for cargo bikes is a ergonomic matter, less strain on the wrist for long bike rides, safer when turning, you get the opportunity to hold the handlebar with both hands ... feel free to watch this film

Transport adjustment



Integrated rear and front lighting with 30 Lux. You should never ride without lights in the dark. The light is connected to the battery and can easily be switched on / off from the display.


A door in front

Easy for children to step on/off with the help of a door. Thanks to a well-thought-out geometry, the balance of the Cargobike is not affected. There is no risk of the Cargobike tipping forward.

Klassik Light Svart-Hel-S


Smaller wheels are always stronger, less problems with spokes, lower center load , less risk of tipping over curves. We also choose 20 inches wheels at the front for child safety, so that the children do not reach down to the wheels and squeeze their fingers during the journey.


Rear Rack

Cykelfabrikens bikes always comes with a strong rear rack with a load capacity up to 80 kg. Can be used for mounting a child seat or a rear rack bag.


Place for 4 children

Add a storage/bench for 4 children with 4 seat belts to cycle with your loved ones. It is easy to disassemble the bench if you want to use the entire box space for other transport use.


Framework for 6 children

Add a storage/bench for 6 children with 6 seat belts to cycle with your loved ones. It is easy to disassemble the bench if you want to use the entire box space for other transport use.

Klassik Light Klassisk Regnskydd_6Barn

Protection against rain & cold

Our children are all we have, and protecting them from rain and cold is as important to us as safety and stability on a Cargobike.


Protect the box

Covers for the box are often very practical, it can be used while biking and parked.


Marin Plywood

Swedish produced top quality marine plywood, 9 mm thick, FSC certified, water-resistant, environmentally friendly treated to be able to withstand the Scandinavian climate.

Gear Types


Internal gears

God! One cog, a chain and a sprocket. With fewer parts, there are less things that can go wrong, this is the most reliable construction we can offer. With fewer parts, maintenance is reduced. When the gears are set correctly and ready for use, not much service is needed.

Disadvantage! When all the gear parts are pushed into a hub, there are small cogs that turns and twists, and they will reduce some of the cyclist's valuable energy production and will lose little of the power.

God! You can shift to a lower gear while the bike is still , i.e. without pedaling

God! Minimal service to the hub, clean and lubricate from time to time,chain must be replaced after approx. 1500 km of cycling.

Lådcykel med Externa växlar

External gears

External gear system offers the best power. The power you put on your pedals is transferred almost directly to your forward biking. This is the most effective type of installation.

External gears requires a lot of work. Chain, sprocket and gears must be cleaned and lubricated more often versus internal gears. External gears must be adjusted properly otherwise cycling wont be as easy.

Disadvantage! You can not shift to another gear in a still position without pedaling. It’s much more difficult when the cargo bike is loaded with children at traffic light stops.

Lots of care. Clean and lubricate the freewheel regularly for long lasting function. Changing of the chain is recommended every time you change the cassette.

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