Hand built in Sweden

We are the first company in Sweden to produce, design and build our own cargo bikes, With the Dutch name “Bakfiets” – We belong to the category of the original creators of cargo bikes in Sweden.

Thanks to our years of experience of developing innovative cargo bikes, we have today developed cargo bikes that are 100% adapted to the Scandinavian climate.

We are happy to use craftsmen and suppliers locally from Sweden to be able to deliver Cargo bicycles that are made with great care. we buy, among other things, Swedish Marine-Plywood that can withstand the Swedish climate, stainless steel bolts & screws, powder coating, bicycle parts, and several other services. We chose the hard way, own frame production, all development in Sweden, partly to generate the Cargobike culture in Sweden, partly to be able to get more job opportunities and partly for less environmental impact.

We are a small company with great ambitions of continuous development. Therefore, we need all the support we can get from our Swedish customers to stay and to be able to produce Swedish Cargobikes of the best quality.