For Families and Business


Bakfiets Short

Suitable for 2 children in the box, short and smooth cargo bike. Soon in stock
Bakfiets_Long_Pastel blue

Bakfiets Long

Suitable for minimum of 2 children and 2 grocery bags, very easy to ride. Soon in stock


Sportii 2.0 is a versatile cargo bike, fast and lightweight steel frame ... Reduced price

Classic Light

Our new Classic Light is our most adapted cargo bike for children transport. It is our most versatile Cargobike for families, companies and kindergarten.


.. requires minimal maintenance. It will help with your load. A rolling visual advertisement for your company...


Specially adapted for kindergarten. With room capacity up to eight children, or other kindergarten needed transports.


Whether you need to transport up to four children, or just need a little extra space, the Wagon is a good solution. Reducerad pris