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A Swedish cargo bike brand. In central of Stockholm, we execute the job by – developing, design, construct and assemble our products. All of our models and main components are based on our own designs, such as frames, front forks, boxes, and several other components. Simon Bouloussaa (pictured) is the founder of Cykelfabriken, an engineer graduate from KTH who is responsible for all design and development.

Simon Bouloussaa also builds cargo bikes in the workshop on Södermalm together with the Cykelfabriken team. We use the best components to ensure the highest quality. Our recipe is knowledge, quality, and reliable and personalized service!

” We only sell cargo bikes that we design and build ourselves, that’s why represents we own representswe own products, the Cykelfabriken brand. we are not a foreign brand/retailer.

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Our philosophy: Sustainable alternatives to cars.

  • Cykelfabriken strives to design and manufacture a wide range of bicycles and cargo bikes to provide sustainable alternatives to cars for every individual.
  • As responsible entrepreneurs, the company aims to develop efficient, strong, and sustainable products while satisfying their customers with innovative and high-quality products.
  • We support sustainable practices to reduce environmental pollution, maintain soil productivity over time, and support the economic viability of our operations.


Innovative, high-quality, and sustainable products

The philosophy of Cykelfabriken is founded on providing innovative, high-quality, and sustainable products that exceed customers’ expectations. With a commitment to reducing environmental degradation and maintaining the productivity of nature, the company sees it as its responsibility to develop products that are more efficient, stronger, and more sustainable.

Our focus on solid craftsmanship and collaboration with local manufacturers contributes to creating a more sustainable production process. By keeping delivery routes short and collaborating with people who are passionate about their work, Cykelfabriken can minimize its carbon footprint and contribute to creating local job opportunities.

The philosophy of sustainability at Cykelfabriken goes beyond just the production of their bikes and Cargobikes. They take a holistic approach to their business operations and constantly seek ways to reduce their environmental impact. By, for example, using recyclable materials and seeking responsible suppliers, they contribute to reducing waste and creating a more sustainable future for everyone.


Better For You and The Planet.