Cykelfabriken is a Swedish bicycle brand since 2009, specializing in Cargobikes, Bakfiets, Transportbikes, Custom business cargobike, hand built in central of Stockholm. We are known for our timeless design. We are known for our timeless design, originality, high quality and good service We are innovative, developing new solutions, preferably together with our customers.

Designad, konstruerad och monterad i Stockholm

We are so proud of our own Cargobike – Bakfiets – from Sweden. In central of Stockholm, we execute the job by – developing, design, construct and assemble All our products. All our models and main parts are based on our own drawings, such as forks, frames, boxes and several other components We are happy to use craftsmen and suppliers locally from Sweden to be able to deliver Cargo bicycles that are made with great care. All our models are sent from from Stockholm to our customers that are thoroughly test ruined and safety checked by our mechanic experts.